Choose what’s right for the Job

Installing new lighting can be complicated, but the process can be simplified if you choose the right supplies beforehand. No matter what type of job you’re doing, it’s important to choose the supplies that will work best and to get them assembled before you start installation. That way, you don’t have to deal with any kinks in your plan. Whitmer’s Lighting has the supplies you need, once you have everything all planned out.

First, you have to think about what types of bulbs you’re going to use. If you’re concerned about energy efficiency in a large area, then fluorescent bulbs are a great option. If you prefer a more ambient type of lighting, then incandescent bulbs are normally a better choice. Of course, more and more bulbs are becoming energy efficient these days, so it could be wise to spend a bit more on these bulbs that will use less energy over time.

The next thing to think about are your ballasts. Obviously, the type of lighting you decide to use will determine which types of ballasts you’ll need. Again, there are some more energy-efficient models than others. Newer fluorescent ballasts run more smoothly than older models and have less energy waste, so they are more efficient all around.

Light switches are another consideration, and this is perhaps the trickiest of all. Do you set up separate switch panels, or do you combine the lights onto one? What about dimmer switches? Where should the switches be situated, and what types should you use? It’s important to look at all of the options before you make a choice. You may find that in some situations, separate switches are better, whereas in others, putting the whole room on one control panel is much more convenient. If you have to, walk into the room you’re getting ready to put lights in, and pretend that the switches are in different configurations. Could you use them easily and figure out which switches go to which lights without much effort?

Finally, if you’re doing the entire lighting job from scratch, you’ll need new wiring. Make sure that you’ve got good estimates of how much you actually need, since you don’t want to run out in the middle of the job. Again, energy efficiency is key. Some types of wire simply transfer electricity better than others, so do your homework before you choose the wire you’ll use.

If you’re not totally comfortable with the whole lighting installation process, then you should have someone else do it for you. It can be confusing and frustrating to install a new fixture if you haven’t at least seen it done before. If you’re working with wiring and switches, things can get downright dangerous. If you need a hand with your installation, contact Whitmer’s today. We can help you choose the lighting supplies you need and provide guidance on how to install them quickly and correctly.