Have you lived in your home for so long, that you have forgotten what it was that made you fall in love with it when you first moved in? Consider using landscape lighting to bring your home back to life like these Akron, Ohio homeowners.

Denny and Rita have lived in their lovely brick home for 38 years. Over the years, they worked with various lighting installers to add landscape lights to their home’s exterior. They’d buy some lights and install them, then buy more when those broke down, and the process repeated until the result was a mismatched collection of lights that were unreliable and weren’t cohesive.

Whitmer’s Lighting Turned Tactical Lighting Placement into an Artistic Lighting Design

After reaching their last straw, they explained their problem to us and scheduled a consult with one of our professionals, Kevin Monty, who completed an at-home lighting consultation.“He knew exactly what he was doing. He was only there an hour or so on the initial consultation and had the whole thing laid out then made a follow-up appointment with recommendations”, exclaimed Rita.

Unlike previous technicians, our Whitmer’s Lighting professional was just that. A professional.

  • He helped the family articulate not only their problems, but their desires surrounding what they wanted out of landscape lighting
  • He provided recommendations surrounding best-practices in lighting design
  • He drew up a design and a plan in order to paint a visionary picture
  • He executed that plan so that the client got exactly what they asked for and more

At Whitmer’s Lighting we treat each project as a work of art and pay close attention to detail. Each fixture that was used was carefully chosen for a reason. In the client’s words, “Even though we had technicians install lighting and pathway lights, never was it done with the artistic bent or flare it was this time.”

Rita is adamant, “It is so beautiful, anyone would love it.” Lights are placed artfully around the property to highlight and enhance the best features. All the lights that were implemented are from the Kichler collection, all made with artistic craftsmanship. Their lighting includes:

  • Pathway lights along the patio and walkway, which were chosen with an oil rubbed bronze finish to blend in with the flower beds
  • Illuminating lights placed in the shrubs at the front of the house
  • 10 degree spotlights shine on the couple’s beloved cherubs
  • 35 degree spotlights highlight freestanding trees throughout the property
  • Lighting was placed strategically onto the brick to highlight the structure

Each Light was Chosen and Placed With Great Thought and Purpose

The house was beautiful before, but the landscape lighting truly makes it shine. A house that attractive should be seen at night, too, and now it will definitely get the attention it deserves. The family is beyond pleased with the results, saying “It’s just beautiful … it’s really, really very attractive”. That’s what we like to hear, and we can’t help but agree that their home looks great!

At Whitmer’s Lighting we pride ourselves on having experienced, design oriented people on staff who can assist clients not just with installations, but with design, product knowledge, and execution of the project. Customer and client satisfaction is our top priority, and we love stories about happy clients like this one . Call Whitmer’s Lighting today to schedule a consult, or visit our store in Akron, Ohio or Westlake, Ohio to see all we have to offer!