Three Reasons to Have Your Home Garden Lighting Professionally Designed

One of the great joys of homeownership for many people is the do-it-yourself experience. Some people are relaxed and energized by installing their own flooring and painting their own walls, and this is great. Even if you are one of these people, though, it can be a good idea to have your outdoor lighting designed and installed professionally by an experienced company like Whitmer’s Lighting. Before you write this off as an unnecessary expense, read these three reasons why professional design by an experienced company like Whitmer’s Lighting is important for the success of your garden lighting.

1) Get the look you want and need without a hassle

Having your lighting designed professionally will ensure that you get the look and feel you need as well as maximum functionality. When you put in your own lighting, you risk a long process of trial and error. You might think that you need dim, ambient lighting in one area only to find that it isn’t enough for what you do there and that you have to replace it down the road with something brighter.

A professional designer from Whitmer’s will be able to ask you all the right questions and to survey your garden area so that you get your lighting right the first time around. At Whitmer’s we offer excellent services, and we’ll actually come to your home to help you choose a layout for your home garden lighting that will be both beautiful and effective.

2) Tap into the experience of a professional

Using professional design services might give you options you never knew you had. Walking through a lighting store to choose the type of lighting you want is one thing, but having a professional walk you through to show you all your options is another thing altogether. Instead of relying on boring, bright floodlights, we can show you how to combine bright lights with smaller path lights or even hidden, colored lights to create lots of options in your garden area.

Plus, if we install your lights, we’ll be able to give you more sophisticated options, like a gradient lighting system that allows you to adjust the brightness of certain areas with a dimmer. We can also help you set up your light switches in a logical manner so that you can easily go from the bright lighting you need to eat an outdoor meal to the dim lighting you want to enjoy a glass of wine on the porch swing.

3) Let a professional give you “Green” lighting

Professionally designed and installed home garden lighting system will be more energy-efficient than one that you design and install on your own. Here at Whitmer’s, we have enough experience to know where to let lights overlap and where to set up completely different systems. We can wire your system in such a way that all of your switches make sense, and we can help you choose a system that doesn’t have to be on and wasting energy all the time.

For these reasons and more, it’s definitely worth your time to call Whitmer’s Lighting to talk about getting a home garden lighting system professionally designed and installed today.