Whitmer’s Lighting: A Bright Idea for Ohio home décor

When you’re looking for the best in lighting and home décor, you need a showroom with all of the options you need, as well as affordable prices and a whole lot more. After all, a light does more than just chase away the darkness – it serves as a part of the home décor, and in many cases, it’s considered to be as important as any other part of the furniture in a room. If you are just buying a lamp, almost any store will suffice; however, if you are looking for something a little more, then you should come to Whitmer’s, where the unique lights can serve as the focal point of a room, as well as a complimentary accent to the other design features of your home.

As a large lighting and home décor store in Ohio, Whitmer’s can fill many needs for you. Whether it is something that catches your eye in the spacious showroom or something that is special ordered just for you and your home, we’ll guarantee that you’ll be thrilled. Our selection ranges from simple interior lights and then skyrockets from there. You can get the perfect artwork or mirrors for your foyer, the greatest lighting fixtures to finish a room, or the piece that kicks off your renovation. You could even find yourself the proud owner of a new pool table! Think about it – that big room that did not really have a purpose could be your newly designed pool and game room!

Home décor is very important, especially with more people fixing and renovating their homes instead of trying to sell them these days. Light fixtures are one of the most important aspects of the design of a room because they set the tone – dramatic lighting can define a more formal room, while comfortable interior lighting can make the room feel warmer and friendlier.

From the unique to the contemporary, the true flavor of the room can be found in the lighting scheme and the unique décor. The couch may say “jump around, family room,” while the ornate lighting fixture in the center of the room may be saying, “formal, best behavior.” It’s important to balance your lighting and decor so that the room feels complete.

There are countless stores that you can shop in, including the big box retailers and the huge home improvement stores, however, they do not have the excellent selection that Whitmer’s has, and they do not have the range of lighting types that we offer. If you want the same thing that everyone else in the neighborhood has, then you will be fine there. If you want something that reflects your unique taste and personality, you need to come to Whitmer’s to find lighting fixtures, artwork, and other home accents that can transform your house from just a bunch of walls to the home of your dreams.

A short drive from Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Medina, and Youngstown, Whitmer’s offers our customers a huge variety of styles and a wide range of products. If you don’t see it, just ask and we’ll have it special ordered.

We look forward to helping you!

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