You’re no builder’s grade woman. You’re not ordinary, plain, and cheaply made. No, you’re unique, sleek, a one-of-a-kind product that lights up the whole room. And your lighting should reflect who you are.

Lighting Should Reflect Who You Are

For Patrice Brooks, a customer from Brunswick, Ohio, the lighting in her new home just didn’t reflect who she is. It was builder’s grade lighting – the kind you see in every new home. The fixtures were simple, made of cheap materials, and were things we had all seen before. And that just wasn’t Patrice’s grade of lighting.

“I consider lighting a very important design component and hated the “builder’s grade” lighting they put in our house… mostly mass produced products that are the quality of what you would find at a chain hardware store – no character and no style!”

A New Home = A Blank Canvas

Patrice’s new home was her blank canvas to express herself, and the bad lighting was a great opportunity to infuse her own style into her home. Instead of scouring the internet for new light fixtures, Patrice turned to Whitmer’s Lighting where the staff is friendly, lighting displays blow you away, and we don’t settle for generic. It was here where she found lighting that reflects her personality, lighting that has style and interest just like Patrice.

“The best part of shopping at Whitmer’s is that all my purchases are stored in the computer system so if I need to replace a bulb and I’m not sure what kind to buy, they can look up the lighting fixture I bought to match the bulb perfectly.”

Patrice started with the kitchen, for which she selected a beautiful, sleek, large pendant-type fixture to hang over the kitchen table. It gives the room a contemporary yet cozy feel that can’t be replicated with builder’s grade lighting.

Next, Patrice focused on the living room. She felt that there wasn’t enough lighting in the room and picked out a gorgeous pendant for the corner of the living room that gives it an extra touch of elegance. Not to mention the fireplace, the hearth of the home, that featured cheap track lighting – not much of a feature at all. Now the fireplace shines as the center of attention with two wall-mounted fixtures on either side.

The biggest transformation of them all has been the dining room. What started out as a plain room with no special touches of elegance is now a gorgeous, dramatic dining room that will wow Patrice’s dinner guests. She chose a luminescent chandelier to compliment a dramatic architectural ceiling medallion, and the results are stunning. What once was a dull room is now a dining room reminiscent of the Ritz Carlton.

Not only does Patrice have new lighting, but all fixtures have dimmers – a highly functional feature that builders do not typically provide. Now when Patrice comes home each day she sees design elements that reflect her, not thousands of other people with the same lighting.

“My house has become an advertisement for Whitmer’s Lighting and I make sure I tell everyone that I purchase only from Whitmer’s, never online.”

When guests come over and are amazed by the Brooks’ new lighting, they’re amazed at Patrice, too, because she has taken a blank canvas and illuminated it in the most unique way. You can illuminate your home, too – your own way. Contact Whitmer’s Lighting today to get started!