As a business owner, you want your office, restaurant, or retail space to be appealing to customers and clients. You put a lot of work into designing the perfect layout, and you make sure that both customers and employees are comfortable when they’re in the building. However, when was the last time you looked at your lighting? Outdated or malfunctioning light fixtures can detract from the allure and ambiance of your office or storefront, and as we all know, that can be bad for business.

At Whitmer’s Lighting in Westlake, we have a fantastic selection of modern lighting options, and you can find the fixtures that meet your needs, no matter what type of business you own.

Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant lighting can be a challenge, but with our help, you’ll be able to find the right pendants, sconces, and much more. If you want a chandelier for the center of the dining area, then we can help you select the perfect fixture. One thing to keep in mind is the design theme of your restaurant, and how you can keep the lighting consistent throughout the entrance and dining areas. You’ll need a lights for the front of the house, where the lobby and dining areas are located, as well as fixtures for the back of the house, where the office and kitchen are found.

Office Lighting

There are so many different types of offices these days that it can be hard to know what type of lighting is best for your location. You might have a loft space that you use as an office for a few people, and the lighting can be best described as industrialist. You might operate a traditional office with cubicles and overhead fluorescent lights. Whatever the case may be, if you see room for improvement, then we’re here to help. You want your office lighting to help people be productive, but you also want it to set the right tone for the mood you want to express when clients come to visit.

Retail Lighting

Owning a retail store can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging as you have to make sure the shelves are stocked and that customers can find what they need. When it comes to lighting, you might be looking for something purely functional, without worrying about style or design. If you own a small boutique, then new lighting of a certain style can improve the charm of your store. If you own a large storefront, then consider how you can update your lighting while keeping both design and functionality in mind.

When it comes to commercial lighting, no idea should be tossed aside. If you have a vision for your store or restaurant, then come to Whitmer’s today and let us help you choose the best modern lighting options. If you’re building a new store, we can provide you with the right fixtures from the start, and if you’re remodeling, we can help you choose lights that fit within your budget.

We look forward to seeing you soon!