At Whitmer’s Lighting in Akron, we love helping people find the perfect lighting options for their home. We understand that everyone has different goals and purposes for their lighting, but no matter if you’re updating your bedroom or remodeling your bathroom, the aim is the same – you want your lights to be just right.

When you visit our showroom, you’ll be amazed at the selection that you find and the expertise that you’re offered. Above all, we want you to leave feeling satisfied that you’ve made the right choice and that you’re well on your way to reaching your lighting goals.

More Light

One common goal that homeowners have when it comes to new fixtures is adding more light to a room. Perhaps your living room is feeling a bit dark and dingy, and you want to brighten it up with a new table or floor lamp. Maybe your bedroom is feeling a bit outdated and you want to upgrade it with a new mini chandelier or a few wall sconces. Whatever the case may be, adding more light can be a great goal to have, and we can help you achieve it.

Less Light

On the opposite side, you may have a room that feels too bright, such as your kitchen or master bathroom. While you want these spaces to be bright and inviting, what you don’t want is for them to feel oversaturated with light. Removing a few fixtures and adding more efficient options, such as new vanity lights, can greatly improve a space, and you’ll feel that there’s a good balance of light and shadow. It’s okay to have darker spots in a room, as that lends to the room’s ambiance and can make it feel more appealing. What’s important is to have lights in the right places, rather than lights on every wall and in every corner.

Better Control

We have many people who come to our showroom asking about lighting controls. Dimmer switches and sensors can have a huge impact on your home lighting, and they’re fairly easy to add to your existing lighting design. If you want to set the mood for a formal dinner party, or you want to lower the lights for family movie night, then new switches and controls are likely the best place to start. We can recommend the ideal options based on your personal preference, budget, and other parameters.

Defining your lighting goals is the first step to improving your home, whether you’ve just moved in, or you’ve lived there for 10 years. At Whitmer’s, we’re here to help you find the fixtures that appeal to you and that help you enjoy your home more than you ever thought possible. Even if you’re just shopping for one or two rooms, we can provide exactly what you need!

Visit our showroom in Akron today to discover amazing options that you can add to your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or anywhere you’d like. If you have questions about certain fixtures, then our staff will be more than happy to help.

We look forward to meeting you!