If you’re like us here at Whitmer’s Lighting, you blinked and we’re already nearing the beginning of holiday season in 2015. Retailers are getting their back rooms stocked with Thanksgiving and even Christmas decorations, your family is making requests for what they’d like prepared for Thanksgiving and children are starting to get their Christmas lists together. It’s true, the holidays are filled with family, food, laughs and gift-giving but they’re also filled with, dare we say … stress! Like thousands of other Americans hosting family gatherings during the holidays this year, your eyes may begin to start twitching when you hear the word “holidays”. Don’t let this holiday season get you down. Take control this year and do something that will make you feel excited to open your doors to family and friends.

Feeling tired of hosting family meals in the “same-old” dining room? Liven up your space with new lighting this season and make your room a thing to celebrate! Whether you are lighting a casual, elegant, modern or rustic space – we have hundreds of choices that will get you excited to swing your doors open and share your space with family and friends.

Show Your Good Taste with Rustic Lighting to Match The Feel of Your Decor

Rustic Decor is in. If you’ve recently updated your home’s interior but have yet to put thought into updating your lighting to match – today is the day to make the change. In this rustic lighting example, the homeowner let the decor speak for itself and chose lighting that accented the look and feel, but doesn’t distract from the work put into the design. If you need lighting to match you rustic space, our design team will recommend lighting to fit your needs. Contact us if you’d like an in-home consultation.

Wow Your Family With Elegant Dining Room Lighting

Are the holidays spent at your home because your family says, “you’ve got the best house, can you host the holidays?” If you feel pressure to impress, we’ll help you prove them right with elegant lighting that is not only perfect for your space, it will knock your families socks off. Our elegant chandelier selection can’t be found in typical big box stores. It’s as unique and tasteful as you are.

Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable with Warm Lighting for a Casual, Cozy Space

Just because your family gatherings are low-key, doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful space for your guests. By selecting a large, warm chandelier, your guests will feel compelled to linger around the table a little longer and share in a few more conversations and laughs. With updated lighting for your casual space, your family and friends will feel welcomed by you without you needing to even say a word.

Impress Friends and Family with Modern Lighting

Maybe this is your first year hosting for the holidays, or maybe you’ve hosted for five years in a row and you want to do something to change things up. Whatever your reason for for wanting a change, at Whitmer’s Lighting, we can make your dining space feel world-class. In this modern lighting example, from the chain-link hanging the light to the clean, crisp chandelier with strong hard lines – this rooms modern lighting now matches its decor.

If you want new lighting for your space but don’t know where to start, visit one of our lighting show rooms or contact one of our lighting consultants today for an in-home lighting consultation. Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you – act now before the holidays sweep you away.