Lighting Store Strongsville Ohio

lighting store strongsvilleStrongsville, Ohio is named the Crossroads of the Nation because it is where the Ohio Turnpike and Interstate 71 intersect. Shopping for your lighting needs can be as simple as a brief 30 minute drive to Fairlawn (near Akron) to Whitmer’s. With a huge showroom and knowledgeable staff, you will not only find exactly what you need, you will be able to compare other suggestions as well.

Lighting needs can be very different from project to project. Sometimes you need just the perfect lamp to finish off the appearance of a single room. Sometimes you need an entire collection of lighting fixtures for that room or for the entire house. And perhaps, at times you need a mix of lighting options for both indoors and outdoors.

Of course, there are dozens of places you can find these lights. Go to a discount store and you are likely to find maybe three or four lamps in various sizes. You do not get to choose the style of the base or the colors. You don’t get a choice of lamp shades and you can’t switch them out. What they have is all they have because of the limited size of these stores.

Even the larger stores have limits to what they offer, especially at certain times of the year. For summer, they may have some more ceiling fans that they offer. They may also increase the number of landscaping lights that they offer during the warmer months. But what if you want something different from what they have? You might need to go to one of the big home improvement stores instead. The problem there is the sheer size of the place –just finding the lighting department can be quite a bit of work.

Once you find something that might work for your needs, you need to flag down an employee. While there is usually someone who is helpful, he or she may not be the lighting expert that you really need. Instead, you can ask a few general questions of the people that work there and hope you can figure out the remaining details at your home.

strongsville lighting storeOr your other option is to drive just 30 minutes from anywhere in Northeast Ohio (or slightly less, depending on your route) to Whitmer’s Lighting to find all of the best lighting options. In half an hour, you are going to find yourself looking at the biggest selection of lighting options for every room inside your home as well as your outdoor lighting needs.

In addition to finding all of the best types of lights, you will also find the staff that understands what you need to use for different situations and how to make your home its brightest, safest and most welcoming.

So, remember if you are looking for a lighting store Strongsville Ohio relies on, you will definitely find plenty of lighting options at Whitmer’s Lighting store located at 3900 Medina Rd. – Akron, OH. Not only will you find a myriad of lighting options here, but you can also take your lamps for repairs here.

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